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Tips on getting life insurance for military spouses

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Life is unpredictable; you never know what lies ahead. If you are in Armed Forces, your life is at threat most of the time; you never know when you have to go to war or be positioned at the border for vigilance.

Like any other civilian, military people too have the right to insurance. Specifically, if your partner is not into military, ensuring your spouse’s life becomes mandatory to secure their future and with that of familys too. Here is how to get life insurance on your military spouse. It is easy and aided by government.


Here are few tips on getting life insurance for military spouse:


 Get all information about Army group Insurance Fund



When you are an Army Personal Government cuts a certain amount from your pay and puts it into AGIF and you reap the benefit once it matures and is given back to you or your family

Apart from Army, there are general insurance companies which give special benefits to people working in armed forces, check out the terms and conditions there and create an account there too.

life insurance Postal Insurance services

Apart from the banks even postal services of India, provide Insurance policy services and give due benefits to armed forces families and dependants, being a government run organization, you will be assured of safety and security of your military spouse.

Being in Military services the banking services give you faster transaction services, hence you need minimum documentation to get the policy done.

In case of any causality on field, there is no need of death certificate only an Initial Occurrence report from the commanding officer will serve the purpose; hence the private banks follow similar policies across the nation.

Thus, this is just a small overview of what all you should be aware of being in military service for the country, so that you not only serve your mother land and protect it from various calamities but you also serve your assigned duties towards your family, which requires protection and a means to survive in your absence.…